First attempts with wirework

I started working with wire after watching Jewellery Maker channel (sky 655).  I started off by making a seed bead chain bracelet.  At the time I hadn’t realised that the 0.4 wire I had used to make the links wasn’t really strong enough for everyday wear.  I spent whole weekends using the same technique with different sizes and colours of beads and ended up with dozens of unique necklaces.

Then I looked at wire work tutorials on YouTube and my skill set suddenly increased!  One afternoon I made two rings, a herringbone weave link for a future design and a bracelet.  I wore the labradorite ring for nearly a year before I caught it whilst squeezing holiday gear into the boot of the car and distorted the shape enough to want to cut the stone out and remake it.

Wirework ring and bracelet

The ring was made with 0.6 wire and a labradorite stone. The bracelet was made with 1mm wire coiled on a gizmo.

Wirework ring and herringbone weave link

These were my very first attempts at making a wire ring and herringbone weave link.