My first attempts at Crochet

Finished crochet blanket

After getting more wool this blanket became three times bigger!

Last Autumn I bought a craft magazine that said it would teach you how to crochet. Despite all the diagrams and explanations about the different stitches, I still couldn’t get the hang of it.  A visit to my mum and YouTube were needed to help!  Mum showed me how to  make rounds (a bit like granny squares but round) but I found them quite tricky.  Next I watched YouTube and tried working in lines, which looks more like knitting to the untrained eye.  By Christmas I had made a head band and a scarf with approx. 6 or 7mm hook.  I then became a little addicted and started a blanket with a 10mm hook!  The pictures of the blanket were taken before I got more wool, made it three times bigger and added a wavy edge.  Whilst the pattern is simple and relatively plain, it grows quickly.

First rows of my crochet blanket

The sky remote gives an idea of scale

Finished scarf

The finished the scarf looked too plain, so I added a row of triple stitch I’d learnt from trying rounds to give a wavy look to the sides.

If you want to try crochet for the first time I can recommend naztazia Learn how to Crochet Part 1 and 2 on YouTube